Founded in New Hampshire by former basketball player and player advocate, Luke Bonner, PWRFWD is pioneering the Athlete-to-Consumer industry by empowering athletes to connect with fans on a deeper level through their own custom-made products. PWRFWD is a highly discoverable, personalized, low touch ecommerce solution.

Ultimately, we enable athletes to create products that speak to their athletic performance and authentic interests, bringing new avenues for fans to engage and support their favorite players — through meaningful, high-quality products.

By eliminating the headaches associated with digital entrepreneurship, we bring athletes, artists, and fans together to give everybody what they actually want.

Michael Mcann

"Any athlete can market their name, image and likeness—and get paid for it. A small company in Concord, N.H., is ready to prove that point… As the sports industry readies for a world where many more athletes can profit from their NIL, PWRFWD is positioned to occupy a unique space.”
- Michael McCann, Sportico


About Luke

I’ve been pushing for athlete empowerment for over a decade now. I grew up in a unique environment where my brother, my sister, and I all played high level Division 1 basketball. I am the baby of the family, and my brother and sister were absolute killers throughout high school. Every college coach in the country was after them. They both went to big time schools. And they crushed it. My brother was on national TV basically every weekend, sold out arenas cheering for him -- or heckling him.

Despite the fanfare, it was still hard for my family living under the rule of “amateurism.” A burden too often shouldered by my parents -- travel expenses, medical bills, etc.

As I got older, college coaches started knocking on the door for me too. I loved that feeling. I felt like the man. I ended up going to West Virginia. I hardly saw the court my freshman year, but we had a storybook season -- shout out Kevin Pittsnogle. Ultimately, I decided to transfer back to New England to finish my college career at UMass.

I ended up earning my bachelor’s degree with eligibility left, so I enrolled in the sport management graduate program. That program allowed me to take classes on sports labor law and college athletics policy.

Let’s just say, these were eye opening courses to take, especially while still being a college athlete myself.

Around this time, I started doing some low-key work with the National Collegiate Players Association on some of their key initiatives. I grew extremely passionate about athlete rights and player empowerment and have stayed active in the crusade ever since. I’ve helped attempt to unionize college athletes, I’ve gone on NPR to argue with people way smarter than me about athlete exploitation, I’ve lobbied on Capitol Hill, I’ve written my fair share of sharp tongued OpEds decrying the entire college Athletics system, and I’ve certainly fired off plenty of ALL CAPS tweets.

I also pursued a professional basketball career myself, because, like every other college basketball player, I too felt I could be the 15th man on the worst team in the NBA. Spoiler alert, I never made it to the NBA. I never received any endorsement deals either.

But, does that mean I did not possess any value beyond a team contract throughout those years?

Hell no!

At PWRFWD, we firmly believe athletes possess significant value. We also believe that athletes have a right to their own value. I felt this myself when I was playing, I just didn’t know how to realize my own value in a meaningful way -- I was too busy doing what I could to keep my playing career alive.

Now, I find myself at the helm of a business with tremendous power to serve as a tool to help countless athletes realize their own value while also helping their fans feel seen. This creates meaningful connections and helps expand the impact and grow the communities around what athletes and fans care about most.

We know that for this business to win, the athlete deserves to win bigger. We have a major opportunity in front of us to leave a mark on the industry. We’ve already been floored by the number of people from all aspects of sports and technology that have rallied behind us on this mission. We don’t take that lightly. Let’s make it happen together.

Luke Bonner, Founder

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